Over the past few years Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky have become one of the most-popular destinations for Faith Tours in the United States. The Creation Museum was the first to open in 2007 and was recently followed by the even-more popular Ark Encounter. The Creation Museum has over 75,000 feet of exhibits, displays and more. It also has a Planetarium, a 4-D Experience and much more. Focusing on the first few chapters on the Book of Genesis, the Creation Museum gives visitors a unique look into the origins of our world. The Ark Encounter, located in Northern Kentucky, features a life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark. The massive size of the Ark is enough to amaze any visitor, but this attraction offers so much more.

The area has much more to offer visitors as well. The Cathedral Basilica of the Assumption is one of the most-beautiful churches in the United States. Your group may also choose to see the World Peace Bell. It is one of seven similar bells located throughout the world. In addition, the National Underground Railroad Museum offers insights into one of the most-important issues of the past (and even today) – the rescue of those who are enslaved.

Many other great attractions are found in this area including the Newport Aquarium, the BB Riverboat, the National Sign Museum, Kings Island Theme Park and many others. We will customize your itinerary to include the attractions you want to see. Plus, your group will enjoy your choice of hotel accommodations, delicious meals and more.