From the humble beginnings of our country, the Christian Faith has been an important part of every day life for a vast number of people who have called this nation home. Many of our Founding Fathers expressed a personal faith or belief in a Sovereign God, one who was active in the affairs of men. Their writings, public declarations, and personal prayers painted a lasting portrait of men who believed in the Christian God. And, beyond the historical significance of these important men, our nation is filled with countless churches, memorial, monuments and museums which help to preserve the importance of the Christian Faith in America.

Though our history is very important to preserve, people also love to enjoy the beauty of our nation as well. State and Federal Governments have set aside millions of acres of land in the United States to help preserve many of our lakes, forests, deserts, canyons, mountains and other wonders. Our National Parks offer some of the most-breathtaking scenery you can find on earth and they are worth seeing.

Our Christian Faith Tours celebrate our heritage of faith and the natural beauty of our country. From the monuments of Washington DC to the glorious vistas of our National Parks, you and your group can embark on an adventure to explore our nation and all it has to offer.