1. African American Heritage Tour – Washington DC

    As the summer months approach every year, families gear up for their annual family reunion gathering. Tons of laughter is sure to erupt as stories from years gone by are shared and re-shared for the younger generations to hear and others to recall with fondness. Meals are shared and the feeling of togetherness grows. When families come to Washington DC for their reunion, other opportunities are av…Read More

  2. The National Mall – What is it?

    If you pay attention to news out of Washington DC, you may notice an area called the National Mall is mentioned fairly often. No, it is not a shopping mall, but chances are you already knew that. So what is it and where is it located and what is it?┬áThe National Mall is a long, grassy area that stretches from the United States Capitol Building on the east all the way past the Washington Monument …Read More

  3. Family Reunions – Where to Eat in Washington DC

    When it comes to a family reunion, there is one common bond that brings everyone together - FOOD! But, it can also cause a little bit of tension when you are wanting to have a meal together, but you are not sure where to go. In this article, you will learn about a few places in Washington DC that may help you decide where you can go to enjoy a meal together and eliminate the stress of having to de…Read More

  4. African American Heritage Tours – Great for Family Reunions

    Every summer, countless family members from all over the country arrive in Washington DC to celebrate their annual family reunion. On any given Saturday (or Friday) during the months of June through August, many of those families embark on a quest to learn more about the history of African Americans in the United States. Their journey often includes an African American Heritage Tour that typically…Read More