When it comes to a family reunion, there is one common bond that brings everyone together – FOOD! But, it can also cause a little bit of tension when you are wanting to have a meal together, but you are not sure where to go.

In this article, you will learn about a few places in Washington DC that may help you decide where you can go to enjoy a meal together and eliminate the stress of having to decide where to go.

Lunch in Washington DC

Assuming you will be eating breakfast at the hotel (if you are a group staying together), lunchtime is the first meal of the day that you will all be eating as a group. You may be on a tour of you may just want to gather together in one place to enjoy a meal during the noon-time hour.

There are three different types of places you will want to consider. The first is a food court. Washington DC is filled with a variety of different food courts that you can find throughout the city. Some of the more-popular ones are found at the Ronald Reagan Building, L’Enfant Plaza, Union Station and “eat at National Place”. All of these offer a variety of restaurants and most offer a Meal Voucher program for your group. These are especially good for student groups but they work well for family reunions too.

NMAAHC - Sweet Home Cafe
Sweet Home Cafe – NMAAHC

The second type of place you may want to consider is the cafe at a museum or other attraction in Washington DC. The Capitol Building, the Supreme Court and other locations offer cafeterias for visitors. Museums like the National Museum of African American History and Culture, the Natural History Museum and the American History Museum also offer Cafeterias where you can order a meal. The Museum of the American Indian and the Air & Space Museum also have food areas that can hold groups.

Site Down Restaurants are another option for family reunions. Ben’s Chili Bowl on U Street is a very popular location with Groups. They do have limited seating, so be sure that your group goes at a time when they have the space available. They can hold up to about 60 people at the original location. Another very popular place is the Saint Paradise Cafeteria. This popular location offers a “Soul Food” menu that will satisfy the hungriest member of any group.

Ben's Chili Bowl - Washington DC
Ben’s Chili Bowl – U Street

Eating Dinner in Washington DC

Dinner time is a special time when it comes to family reunions. Whereas lunch can be a bit of a hassle, dinner (or supper as some may like to call it) takes on almost a holiday-feast feel for many. There are several different places where your group can enjoy a meal together. For African American families, there are three DC area restaurants which move to the front of the line when it comes to their dinner plans.

The first is a restaurant called The Carolina Kitchen. Yummy soul food all around and a menu that will make the biggest food critic satisfied, TCK is a big hit with families!

Georgia Browns is much like TCK but a little pricier. GB’s is closer to the main attractions in DC and it has great reviews. Many love their food and it is a great atmosphere.

Oohh’s and Aahh’s is another soul food establishment that is popular with groups. Though having a much smaller capacity than the other two, this gem is perfect for most and it has an appearance on the Food Network to back that up.

Regardless of your choice, and there are many others we could have mentioned, the atmosphere of having a family meal is one that money cannot buy! On your next family reunion in Washington DC, be sure to consider one of these suggestions and you will be thankful you did!